NTD - Powermatic wide belt sander
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Author:  Rodent [ November 2nd, 2012, 4:51 pm ]
Post subject:  NTD - Powermatic wide belt sander

ever since adding the CNC to my shop fab workflow, I've been struggling with the planar accuracy of my Performax 16-32 drum sander. In my former "everything by hand" workflows, a subtle and occasional 0.015" difference in front/back parallelism was nothing to even think about. With the CNC, that difference is easier to notice since tolerances are tighter and every step is repeatable to under 0.005" from bass to bass and neck to neck

I have a friend who owns a dent/scratch business, and they have the contract with Delta/Powermatic to secure all damaged containers and trade show demo units. I've been on the wait list for over two years for a Powermatic 16" open end wide belt sander, and thanks to an unsold demo unit from the recent Woodworkers Show in Atlanta I now have a like new unused unit on its way to my shop

here's what's coming


I got this for a fraction of what it wwould have cost me new, but even so it still was nowhere close to being an inexpensive tool addition. this is going to force me to add a dedicated 50A 220v circuit to the shop and also upgrade my dust collection system to at least 1200 cfm. having the ability to sand a top set or body or neck blank absolutely flat (and faster to get there) will be key it upping the product quality yet another notch.

back out to the shop ....

all the best,


Author:  fivebass52 [ November 2nd, 2012, 9:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NTD - Powermatic wide belt sander

Good to hear from you Rod! That's quite a piece of hardware you've acquired... I admire your professionalism and commitment when it comes to making your instruments as viable as some of the top builders out there.... kudos to you!

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