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 Post subject: Audere Preamps
PostPosted: December 2nd, 2021, 9:09 pm 
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Hi All,

I'd often wondered about dropping in an Audere preamp into various Jazz basses over the years, specifically the "all in one" complete drop-in, as sometimes I'm feeling lazy and can't be assed to wire all the bits in :mrgreen: , and there's always chatter about them on the forums.

Here's what I'm talking about, in case you are not familiar:


As I'm not one of those folks who can mentally cope with my knobs going the opposite way to what I'm expecting, I figured I'd reach out to them to see if it would be possible to get one with lefty (reverse audio taper) pots. Here's the answer I received:

"Jazzes are all built on printed circuit boards so it would take a different set circuit boards – we already have 9 different circuit boards to build the Jazz type preamps. And we have to custom order pots in 1000s with long lead times etc..

I know a different company that built a set of 10 left hand units once. He built a simpler preamp at a 2-3x higher price point and orders pots in units of 100 for the high volume versions so he must pay a lot for the pots. He has to outsource production so I do not see how it economically work for him in any case. It took him at least 3 years to sell the 10th unit. FYI – most Left handed basses are wired with a linear volume pot so manufactures do not have to purchase non-standard pots.

We have no desire to go down this path…"

Perhaps not surprising for a smaller company, especially as they use a fixed PCB setup. I wanted to see if I could give them some business, as they are based in Oregon, and so have I been for the last 15 or so years (before the current Taiwan adventure). Looks like I will keep buying my CTS lefty pots and doing it myself :D

Side note- when I was fixing up my Warwick Fortress, I went for a bundle with Nordstrand Pickups and preamp, and they were very helpful - configured my wiring exactly as I wanted it (vol/vol/bass/treble) with lefty pots. I'm sure the Audere would be great if you don't mind the knobs going the other way...


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 Post subject: Re: Audere Preamps
PostPosted: December 3rd, 2021, 2:33 am 
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I had an Audere JZ3D in my 75RI for a while. The reverse pots were one of the reasons I eventually stopped playing that bass at all. The main reason though was the sheer number of possibilities! I just kept tweaking but never quite got it to sound the way I wanted it to. Their unique selling point, switchable input impedance, is fun but in the end I left it in the middle (neutral) position at all times. The low setting gave a really deep dubby tone that I had no use for, and the high setting sounded thin and out-of-phase like. I turned that bass back to a passive tone control but with an active bass boost with a rotary switch, and it's all the control I'll ever need :)

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